Staff Mobility @UNIFI: visit to the Novamont Research Centre in Novara!
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/ October 7, 2019

The Chinese HEIs staff visited the Research Centre of Novamont in Novara.

Novamont is a worldwide leader in the bioplastics sector and in the development of biochemicals.

All the new ideas, technologies and processes are developed in the Research Centre of Novara, before approaching the following step of industrial level implementation.

Explaining the Mater-bi Life Cycle
Novamont Researchers explain the Life Cycle of the Mater-Bi material.

Pilot Plants, Test Facilities, Biochemical Labs support the Research and Development in the field of Bioeconomy.

The visit can open new possibilities of collaboration between Europe and China R&D to foster the progress in the Biobased materials and its whole Life Cycle.

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